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Looking for a gift for your wife, sister, girl friend or even just for your self? Wellness for the Boss Babe combo is a really thoughtful gift for the woman shines across different roles in life. It's a gift that heals and says out loud that you care!


The combo contains 3 natural, easy to use, pocket size Ayurvedic roll-ons :

  • Cramp Aid Roll On for period cramps.
  • Migraine Go Roll On for headaches.
  • Zznooze Roll On for good sleep.


How to use

  • Cramp Aid Roll On: Gently apply on the back, lower abdomen and inner thigh.
  • Migraine Go Roll On: Gently apply on the forehead and temples. After applying the roll on, take a 2 minute break from screens. Massage the forehead with your hands before applying, this will allow for better absorption.
  • Zznooze Roll On: Gently apply on all or any of the following points: back of the wrists, back of the neck, back of the ears and soles. Apply when ready to go to bed and avoid using any gadgets after application.

Wellness for the Boss Babe! by Herb Tantra

₹1,170.00 Regular Price
₹936.00Sale Price
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