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All your Period Needs in one place!

Menstrual cups and biodegradable pads, period pain relievers and PCOS Teas... The Pink Box has everything you need for a happy, hygienic and comfortable period.

Curated by Menstruators, for Menstruators ❤️

Explore our range of Curated Period Products!

A little care for your body, a little care for Mother Earth. Leave behind plastics before they get left behind in the ecosystem!

With The Pink Box, you can explore Period Products that are Eco-conscious, Drug-free, Chemical-free and Sustainable 🍃

Explore Conscious Products

Period Pain Relief Products

Explore PCOS & PMS Care Teas

Gummies & Supplements by Zaocare

Get your daily fix of healthy gummies & supplements only with Zaocare!

Watch our Founder, Sanjana, in an interview with NewsX on Period Positivity.

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