Comfort, Care and Convenience

All in one box.

Curated by people with periods, for people with periods ❤

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Every period need, at your doorstep!

No more tracking your cycle, no more running to the chemist.

Your Pink Box gets delivered five days before your next period, along with your choice of sanitary pads or tampons.

We also send you a curated set of goodies that will help alleviate discomfort during periods. Give your body the care it needs during 'those days'!


We have been using sanitary pads since ages, because we didn't have a better option. Now when we do, confusion is between different options like tampons, cups, available in different sizes, brands etc.
Pinkbox provides great support in choosing the right size, kit and other products according to your personal needs.
It feels great when someone is always there to help when you are ready to change for the better.
Love your products Pink Box..
Thankyou ❤️


Great experience with the Pink Box, a gift of looking forward for your periods. Comfort stuff like goodies, refreshments, sanitary pads, disposable bags, munchies, detox teas and cramp easer. From pains to chocolate cravings, it has brought joy with a motivational card and worth having pack for those troublesome 5 days that seem to be cakewalk now !
Thanks to this awesome concept, recommend ladies to try this for once.


My daughter is in her teens and her monthly cycle always ends up giving her physical as well as mental strain. I bought The Pink Box for her and it did the trick! The box had sweets to pamper her, beautiful quotes to uplift her, teas to relieve her stress, and so much more! I would personally recommend this box to all the girls out there. Try it.. Seeing is believing!


The Pink Box not only serves you with supplies to get through your period, but also things that make you feel immensely happy during those dreaded days! The box is personalised and is definitely my go-to period item. I no longer have to worry about running out of supplies!


Great initiative. A curated monthly package at so affordable cost to fight pcos is simply awesome. Thank you for the experience!