Zznooze Roll On For Better Sleep (9 Ml)

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A sleep promoting Ayurvedic formulation that camls the body and helps you sleep easily and better.

Grab and go, CONVENIENT ready to use roll-on. TRAVEL FRIENDLY. Light, portable and ready-to-use, our Zznooze Roll On is a herbal Ayurvedic remedy in a base of Jojoba oil. Packaged in an easy-to-tote rollerball bottle.

A proprietary blend of 100% pure and natural, steam-distilled Lavender, Valerian Root, St. John’s Wort and Roman Chamomile essential oils. Roll on. Inhale. Transform! 

With its unique aroma, Sleep Buddy offers a fragrant, natural, and effective alternative to synthetic options for relaxation support and sweet dreams. Apply to back of ears, back of neck and soles of feet.

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