Stress Buster Conversations (Counselling for Individuals & Couples)

Stress Buster conversations address the emotional, work, social, school and physical health concerns people may face in their lives, focusing on the life stresses and issues with which people may struggle as individuals or as a part of groups, families, and organizations.

Stress Buster conversations are for those who want to work on themselves to reach their full potential, be it any aspect in their personal or professional lives. Our 60 - minute, 1:1 conversations are conducted by experts and are typically offered online via phone call / video conferencing, along with Whatsapp assistance.


  • Improves expression and management of emotions
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and chances of depression
  • Leads to self discovery and acceptance
  • Acts as an outlet for thoughts and feelings
  • Improves self esteem, positive thinking and motivation
  • Enhances communication skills
  • Improves relationships
  • Helps with identification of strengths and weaknesses
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