Soothing Stick - Period Cramp Care Roll-On - 10 ml

No more popping unhealthy painkillers for period cramps. Have better and healthy periods with our all natural period cramp care roll-on. Plant based period potion. No harmful ingredients. No nasties.
A powerful blend of Hemp, Lavender, Wheat germ and Geranium oils.

NO MORE POPPING PILLS: The healthier alternative to soothing period cramps, the natural way.

KICKS THE CRAMPS: This all natural blend calms PMS/period cramps (in the lower abdomen, back, legs) and boosts mood. Also good for moderate muscular pains like backaches and headaches.

ALL NATURAL, HEALING POWERS OF AYURVEDA: Made with the healing powers of hemp oil and essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe pain, keep calm and balance the mood.

ROLL ME CALM, EVERYWHERE YOU GO: Comes in a travel size, 10 ml bottle. Ideal for ladies who travel, sit through long meetings, do household chores, pull off all-nighters or sit through long exams.

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