Sleep Buddy Insomnia Relief Roll-On (9 Ml)

Can't sleep? Instead of counting sheep, try this relaxing blend formulated to help calm your mind and help you fall asleep. Sleep Buddy roll on helps ease your body and soothe your mind so you can get a good night’s sleep. Keep a vial close at hand and apply before bedtime to help relax and sedate your mind and body.

Sleep Tight has a peculiar aroma, which might feel repulsive to some but it goes away within few minutes of application. If you're someone who's really sensitive to smell then you might not like it. It is natural, and effective alternative to synthetic options for relaxation support and sweet dreams. Grab and go CONVENIENCE in a ready to use roll-on. TRAVEL FRIENDLY. Light, portable and ready-to-use, our SLEEP BUDDY Roll On is a therapeutic grade essential oil in a base of Jojoba oil. Packaged in an easy-to-tote rollerball bottle for use throughout the day.

Ingredients: Lavender, Valerian Root, St. John’s Wort, Bergamot, Mandarin and Chamomile essential oils, diluted in Jojoba Oil.

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