Saathi Reusable Menstrual Cup

Get the freedom to sleep, swim, do sports, travel & do much more whilst on your periods with the Saathi Menstrual Cup!

  • 100% Medical Grade VI Silicone
  • FDA approved
  • BPA free
  • Soft & flexible
  • No leakages!
  • Dermatalogically tested
  • Chemical-free!
  • Designed for easy insertion
  • Reusable & lasts between 2-5 years, depending on usage & water quality
  • Upto 12 hours of protection

Once your cup is filled, you simply empty, rinse, wash and reinsert the cup for another 10 to 12 hours of protection. It doesn't cause rashes and itchiness. Unlike any other menstrual hygiene products!

With four air holes in the rim, Saathi Menstrual Cup ensures easy release and no spillage. A longer stem and rings make it quick and easy to remove!

With every purchase of the Saathi Menstrual Cup, you get -

  • Tin Can : Airtight tin can to keep the cup safe from germs, dust and bacteria. (1 Unit)
  • Saathi Cup : 100% Medical Grade VI Silicone Saathi Reusable Menstrual Cup. (1 Unit)
  • Cotton Pouch : To take the cup wherever you go. (1 Unit)
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