The Pink Box - Pre-Customized Boxes

Mirror mirror on the wall, which sanitary pad is the best of them all?

For long and heavy periods, choose Whisper Ultra Clean XL, i.e. our Clean Pack!

For soft and rash-free pads, choose Whisper Ultra Soft XL, i.e. our Soft Pack!

For stress-free nights and pads with a wide-back, choose the Stayfree All Night XL, i.e. our Night Pack!

    For next period, you will receive

    • Your Choice of Sanitary Essentials
      • Whisper Ultra Clean XL - Pack of 14
        • OR
      • Whisper Ultra Soft XL - Pack of 14
        • OR
      • Stayfree All Night XL - Pack of 14
    • Healthy snacks to binge on
    • Sweets to perk you up
    • Stress busters to beat the mood swings
    • Detox Teas

    All our goodies change every month, so you get to explore more stuff! Hence product picture and contents of the box may vary.

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