Period Essential Combos - by Menarche

Get the best of both worlds with Menarche Period Essential Combos!!

Menarche Tampons and Panty Liners are Super soft and comfortable made specially keeping first time users in mind. Liners are Ultra- thin and are rash & irritation-free.

It's super soft top sheet gives pleasant experience and can be used daily. Easy to carry in wallet due to it's tri-fold feature. Panty Liner's multi-layer absorption technology engage Vaginal discharge quickly and gives dry feel throughout the day.

Menarche Tampons have smooth, rounded-tip with and anti-slip grip for easy insertion. Ultra soft outer layer gently expands to take easy shape and gives you comfortable menstrual experience even on your heavy flow days. They are chemical free, stain free and have no fibre loss during usage. Every Tampon gives you upto 8 hours of leak-proof protection.

Menarche Sanitary pad's top cotton sheet makes it super soft before and it's high abosorbent core keeps it super dry even after use. Leak guard wings with stronger adhesive as compared to other pads to ensure zero movement and provide extra protection. Individual disposal pouch with each Sanitary pad for to safely dispose off after use.

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