PCOS Wellness Package

Naturally cure PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), one of the most common female endocrine hormonal syndromes, affecting up to 20% of women in their reproductive age.

Our wellness package helps you with the natural restoration of regular menstruations, fertility and normal hormonal levels by diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle management.

Package Intro - CtrlAltHeal PCOS package provides a thorough investigation of possible polycystic ovarian syndrome, diagnosis and management plan.

Our team will help you with :
1) Benefits and drawbacks of different diagnostic criteria.
2) Causes, predictors and long-term consequences of PCOS.
3) Optimal prevention and treatment strategies.

We will help you treat PCOS naturally without any hormonal drugs.
For the 2 Month, 4 Month and 6 Month package, your schedule will be as under -

  • Wellness Doctor consultation – Every 15 days
  • Diet Consultation – Every 7 days
  • Follow up calls – Every 4 days
  • Customized diet plan – Every 15 days
  • Yoga/Fitness sessions (group) – 3-5 days every week (12-20 sessions)
  • Progressive Report – Every month
  • Reward prize- A free maintenance program that will last half the package duration.

Within 3 days of your booking the package, one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your sessions.

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