Nutrition Consultations - 1 Month Plan - Online Session

Our 60-minute online consultations are tailored towards improving the lifestyle of individuals. We take into account the individual's medical concerns, health goals, lifestyle, among other aspects. Motivation & follow ups are a key focus in our plans.

Stress has a direct impact on people’s eating habits. Some overeat when they’re stressed, while others end up skipping meals. Additionally, working individuals tend to eat out a lot because it’s more convenient; and often, they aren’t judicious about their choices.

Articles suggest that the amount and quality of nutrients one takes in over time can impact the body’s neural circuits that control emotion, motivation, and mood.


  • Helps an individual to reach their weight goals
  • Boosts energy levels and your immune system
  • Helps an individual to manage lifestyle diseases such as PCOS, diabetes, blood pressure levels, among others.
  • Improves overall mood and mental health
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Helps in preventing cancer, heart health and strokes

1 month plan includes 2 video consultations, a personalized nutrition plan, and support via Whatsapp throughout the month.

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