Me-Time Menstrual Tea

Me - Time Menstrual Tea by Menarche is here to make your period experience comfortable and soothing!

Me - Time Tea contains powerful herbs with antioxidants that helps Relieve Period Cramps, Bloating, inflammation, Indigestion, control mood swings and improves sleep quality & lose excess weight.

All natural flowers and leaves are used, no added flavors or preservatives and is 100% Vegetarian. Individual flower leaves can be seen in each tea bag. All natural ingredients like chamomile, mint & Blue flower help the body balance its hormones during Menopause and PMS stressful and uncomfortable times.

This caffeine-free organic tea is also beneficial for daily PCOS care. It helps in hormonal balancing; regularize periods and helps in losing excess weight. PCOS herbal tea helps with reducing hirsutism, boosting metabolism and purifies the body by removing toxins and waste.

Recommended Daily Dose - Consuming 2 cups a day (180 ml each) a day of ME- Time menstrual tea for a period of 30 days will help you balance your hormones. Consistency is the key, so please don't skip days.

Brewing Instructions - Please put 1 teabag of Menstrual Herbal Tea in a cup of boiling water (180 ml) and let it steep for 3-4 minutes. You can now strain and serve. You can add honey or lemon but do not add milk.

Contains 15 whole flower infusion Tea bags individually packed with reusable wooden box.

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