Intimate Trimmer by ZLADE

No pain, no gain. Well, that's NOT true in the case of our Summer By Zlade Intimate Body Hair Trimmer. If you scream in pain and agony every single time you get waxed, it is probably time to switch to a better, and more importantly, PAINLESS solution for body hair removal. No more irritation, no more in-growth - style your bikini area and remove unwanted body hair with complete ease. Specifically designed for trimming the hair in your intimate and sensitive areas, our revolutionary full-body trimmer works silently and efficiently to deliver a close trim without causing any discomfort. Whether you want to raze your underarms or get a silky smooth bikini line (or even remove the hair on your legs and arms), you can do so now without a care in the world. Equipped with superior ceramic blades for precision trimming, this cutting-edge trimmer for women is waterproof and wireless, meaning you can use it in the shower. The product features an anti-slip silicone grip and an ergonomic design. The trimmer assures noise-free operation and is extremely easy to clean. Say goodbye to painful hair removal solutions - your new BFF is in town!

Key features:
- Noise-free trimming
- Ideal for women's intimate areas
- Rapid charging (90 minutes)
- Cordless operation (runtime of 60 minutes on a full charge)
- Ceramic blades with 2 double-sided comb attachments
- Can be used on dry or wet skin

Paint the town PINK and experience the #feelgoodfactor with Summer By Zlade!
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