Cloth Pad Wash by Avni - 100 ml

The Avni Natural Cloth Pad wash is a plant based bio-enzyme liquid cleaner, and India’s first cleaner designed specifically for washing of Cloth pads, cloth panty liners and period panties! Enriched with refreshing fragrance of green tea, it effectively removes blood stains and odour of body fluids.
• Dermatologically tested and recommended
• Free from harsh chemcials, irritants, acids, phosphates and caustics
• Balanced at neutral pH
• Bleach and toxic effluents free

Volume - 100 ml


How to Use -

• Add a spoonful of Avni cloth pad wash on a used and damp cloth pad
• Soak in 1 mug of water for about 10 mins
• Rub the ends and wash till all the blood is drained out of the pad
• Rinse with clean water/machine wash
• Squeeze the water out and hang to dry (Sun-drying is recommended)

Can be used upto 3 years from Date of Manufacturing.

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