Cardio Yoga Fitness Session - Online Session

Enhance Cardiovascular endurance and improve cardio respiratory efficiency with the Cardio Yoga Fitness Sessions. It combines Yoga moves with Cardiovascular exercises to give you one heck of a workout!

The workout takes classic yoga moves and makes them a bit faster, with a more rapid flow between sequences. Unlike traditional yoga, which focuses on breathing techniques, body flow, and postures, cardio yoga incorporates more dynamic movements that ramp up the intensity and elevate your heart rate. The non-stop movement gets your heart beating and your muscles burning.

People of any gender can join, esp those with an aim to improve cardio respiratory efficiency!

Package Intro - CtrlAltHeal Cardio yoga package will help you identify a new threshold. More lung capacity, improved cardiovascular endurance and a more fitter you. We have designed a series of exercises that encourage a full range of motion in the body, but they are not without a toning benefit. You will likely feel a number of your muscles burning during many of these exercises/ yoga asanas; focus, and practice control over your body in order to maximise the components that will help you firm up. You will start with warm up, progress to main movements and then cool down.

Know Your Instructor - Yogini Meghna will help you train your heart and burn calories. She is an international certified (ERYT 500) yoga teacher who has practiced for 5 years and is on a mission to incorporate a healthy lifestyle through yoga.

Timings - 8:30 AM

Within 3 days of booking your session, one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your sessions!

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