Avni Safepad - Reusable Cloth Pad

Avni Safepad is India's first tested antimicrobial cloth pad. It is tested, certified, easy wash, quick dry and reusable! It is Perfect for tweens, teenagers and women of all age groups to give your skin the breathing space. Ideal for use during the entire period cycle, low flow days, night time or irritated skin after use of regular pads.

  • Helps reduce vaginal infections caused by Candida albicans along with infections from other pathogens
  • Has 3 layers and uses high performance fabrics for rapid absorption, leak proofing and dry feel.
  • Each pad lasts up to 3 years, can be hand or machine washed.
  • Day pad: Length 27.5 cms, Width 20 cms, Absorption: 15-20 ml
  • Night pad: Length 33 cms, Width 20 cms, Absorption: 20-30 ml

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How to use -

  1. Wash and dry the pads clean once before using.
  2. Place Avni Safepad onto your underwear. Soft fabric side touching your skin, Shiny leak proof side towards the underwear.
  3. Bend the wings of Safepad downwards
  4. Snap the button in the wings
  5. After use, wash and dry immediately or put into the storage bag until washing

Washing instructions -

  1. Soak the used pad in cold water for 10 -30 mins with/without a detergent
  2. Rub with hands and rinse with clean water till water runs clean
  3. Dry in a well ventilated area. Do not bleach or iron!


Avni, means Earth, is a feminine hygiene brand, from India, which brings tested, new age, eco friendly menstrual products to India. They are committed to help you have a rash free, trash free experience!

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