Avni Ezeepad - Biodegradable Sanitary Pad


Each pack contains 12 biodegradable sanitary pad.

Ezeepad was developed to tackle the growing concern of pad rashes, chaffing, irritation among women. We make sure that only Soft Cotton touches your skin. Ezeepad is a high performance menstrual pad made up of 100% organic cotton. The 7 layers of protection is ultra absorbent, leak proof and breathable. We do not allow any plastic, perfumes, chlorines, dioxins and toxic chemicals touch you nor the sanitation worker who handles your disposed pads.

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Each pad gives you 7 layers of rash free protection, made of natural cotton and ultra absorbent biodegradable core. Absorbs 1.5 times more than regular cotton pads! Each pad comes with a disposal bag made of recycled paper and printed red dot.

Directions for use -

1. Take the Ezeepad out of the disposal bag
2. Open the pad, remove the release paper
3. Place the pad onto the underwear and stick the wings around it on the backside
4. Once used roll the pad properly and put it in the disposal bag provided and throw in the dustbin

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