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Our period come with a host of issues and concerns regarding our bodies, wellness and health.

Here are some of the most common ones -

  1. Odour - It's quite common to have an odour down-there, especially during your period. Here's how these products help!
    • The odour from period is caused when period blood on your pad comes in contact with air. When the period blood is inside your body, there is no odour at all! Menstrual Cups and Tampons help here, as they collect and absorb the blood, respectively, when they are inside your body.
    • An intimate hygiene wash, especially one that is chemical free, helps relieve your intimate areas of bacteria and pathogens, especially during your period. This controls the odour too!
  2. Rashes & Itchiness - Period rashes are caused due to wetness, quality of a sanitary pad's top layer, and not changing the sanitary pad frequently. Itches are caused due to growth of bacteria in your intimate areas.
    • An intimate hygiene wash can help in this regard too by controlling the
    • 100% cotton sanitary pads and cloth pads give a soft and comfortable feel and reduce friction of your skin against the pad.
    • Menstrual cups and Tampons, being products that are worn inside your body, remove the issue of friction completely!

Are there any period-related concerns you face? Would you like to see a certain product on The Pink Box? Mail us at and tell us!