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1. What exactly is a period?
Menstruation, or a period, is when the wall of the uterus and tissues, in the form of blood, comes out of your vagina. This happens on a monthly basis.
Every month, your body readies your uterus for pregnancy. If your egg (ovum) gets fertilized, the embryo has the perfect and hospitable environment. When pregnancy does not occur, the walls of the uterus degenerate and leave your body, through the vagina, in the form of your period.

2. When does someone get their first period?
Your period can start anywhere between the ages of 12 and 14, but a lot of us get it by the ages of 9 or 10 too. The onset of periods is called Menarche.

3. When does someone get their last period?
Around the age of 51, your period will start getting more scattered. It could reduce from once a month to once in 3/4 months, and so on. This phase is called Menopause.
Some of us even experience Premature Menopause, around the age of 40.
Also, your period pauses for the entire duration of your Pregnancy!

4. What are the signs that my period is coming?
Your period has some tell-tale signs about it coming. This is called PMS, or Pre Menstrual Syndrome, and the signs of it are -
a. You get sudden pimples
b. You feel sudden bouts of sadness or anxiousness
c. You feel bloaty or tired
d. You experience sudden mood swings
e. You get headaches, or your breasts become sore or heavy

5. How long does a period last?
Typically, a period last for 5/7 days. Some of us may also have a period for 3 days, or upto 10 days.

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