About Us

The Pink Box is a subscription service for everything one needs during their period. Yep, we mean everything! We conceptualized this service with the idea of enabling menstruators to put their best foot forward by leaving their period worries to us. The discomfort and pain we experience during our period is crazy, yet we don’t pay attention to our bodies during 'those days'!

We help you overcome this by sending a curated set of goodies that will help you manage your period better. We also take away the woes of tracking your cycle and stocking up on pads and tampons!

What sets THE PINK BOX apart?

  1. You choose the delivery date of your box
  2. We take away your worries of tracking your period
  3. You get the best brands which are not commonly found - delivered straight to your doorstep
  4. You get to choose your preferred brand of pads/tampons!
  5. You get Reward Points for every order, which you can use for discounts on your next order!

We've specially curated the PCOS Care Box - India's very first subscription box for women diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD!

We also bring sustainable, Eco-friendly and drug-free products to you, which will help you, a menstruator, make conscious choices for your body and the environment.


Crimson Fuchsia Retail LLP is a startup that works in the Women’s Health & Hygiene space. We envision a world where menstruators excel in all fields, without taboos and stigma to hold them back. We create products and build communities that enable this.

Our goal is to make India a period-positive society!


For support or any queries:
Email us at contact@thepinkbox.in

For brand collaborations:
Email us at connect@thepinkbox.in

For volunteering and internships:
Email us at contact@thepinkbox.in