Crampfree Period Pain Relief Patch - Pack of 5

Apply the Crampfree patch to your stomach or back, wherever the pain is, and enjoy upto 8 hours of pain-free periods!!


Why choose Crampfree?

1. Pain Relief
FLOH Crampfree patches are the most effective form of pain relief. The patch is applied directly to the affected area and the drug is delivered in controlled quantities within regular intervals of time for 12 hrs from the time of application resulting in a faster and long term solution for period pain.

2. 100% Herbal
FLOH Crampfree patches are 100% herbal and have no side-effects. Packed with the rich essences of Satva Pudhina (Menthol), Eucalyptus Oil & Kapoor, it helps to provide instant relief from period pain.

3. Waterproof
FLOH Crampfree is a waterproof patch. Once you apply the patch, all you've got to do is relax. Sweat, causing the patch to fall off, or lose its stickiness, will be the least of your worries. It's the non-messiest form of pain relief.

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