Menstrual Cup Wash by Avni - 100 ml

The Avni Natural Menstrual Cup wash is a plant based liquid cleaner. It is fragrance-free, and contains only plant based surfactants and nothing else! Volume - 100 ml

  • Contains no chemicals, acids, phosphates or caustics
  • Maintains the colour of your menstrual cup
  • Removes blood-stains and odour
  • Dermatologically tested and recommended
  • Balanced at a neutral pH
  • Contains no bleaches or toxic effluents

How to Use -

• Add 3-5 drops of Avni menstrual cup wash on the menstrual cup
• Rub the cup with the cleaner inside out with a gentle touch
• Fill water inside the cup and squeeze out with punch at the bottom, to clean air holes
• Rinse the cup with clean water
• Wipe & dry with Avni antibacterial wipe cloth
• Store in the cloth bag

Get a free antimicrobial cloth wipe along with this wash for your menstrual cup after washing!Can be used upto 3 years from Date of Manufacturing.

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