15 Minutes Full Body Recharge - Online Session

Get in a quick 15 minutes workout, recharge and energize your body for the day!

Relax your muscles, remove muscle soreness, balance energy flow and make your body energetic with this workshop. People of any gender can join in, especially those with busy schedules!

The 15 minutes full body recharge session is based on acupressure energy technique. Or Chi energy technique. A balance of positive and negative, electromagnetic energy which flows through everything in creation (body) making you energized.

Package Intro - CtrlAltHeal 15 minutes full body recharge session is a series of workout and acupressure energy techniques designed to balance Chi energy. Our experts will teach you amazing technique to recharge your body by pressing various Acupressure Points in your body (like hands and legs, etc).

Know Your Instructor - Dr. Sonia will help you reduce pain with ease. She is a practicing Ayurveda doctor and a certified yoga trainer, with almost 15 years of experience!

Timings - Monday to Friday, 6:30 PM to 6:45 PM

Within 3 days of booking, you will receive a call from our team members in order to schedule your session.

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