The Ultimate Period Kit!

Treat yourself, or gift it to a loved one! This Period Kit helps show them you care 💌

In The Pink Box, you will receive -

• For PMS & Cramps Ayurveda-based Dietary Supplement by The Basics
• Unjunked Chips for Healthy Binging
• Thai Chilli Blend Trail Mix
• Scented Candles
• Exotic Jasmine Tea to soothe you
• Tangy Lemon Green Tea to detox you
• Nutty Fudge Brownie for the sweet tooth
• Handmade Body Wash - Assorted aromas
• Sheet Mask to de-stress you - assorted
• Sanitary Pads of your choice

Don't want any pads/tampons? Want only the goodies? Check out our Pamper Hamper!

Every month, get a brand new curated collection of healthy snacks, sweets, stress busters, and more!! Price is inclusive of taxes.

Sweet & snack options may change based on availability. You can write to us at in case of dietary requirements.

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