The Ultimate Period Kit!

Treat yourself, or gift it to a loved one! This Period Care Kit helps show them you care 💌

Shipping from 21st January 2022

  • Get a pack of 30 Regular Panty Liners (100% cotton) free with every 3 Month Subscription.
  • Get a pack of 30 Strawberry Multivitamin Gummy Bears free with every 6 Month Subscription.
  • No code needed. Valid till 5th February 2022.


In The Pink Box, you will receive -

  • Cream Onion flavoured Popped Chips
  • Tomato Achaari flavoured Makhana
  • Scented Candles to unwind and relax
  • Anti-Oxidant & Brightening Pomegranate Sheet Mask
  • Me-Time Menstrual Tea to soothe and detox you
  • Ginger Mulethi Lemon Green Tea to boost your immunity
  • Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • Choco Almond Nutty Cookies
  • Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash
  • Strength 100% natural period pain-relief cream
  • N95 Mask for safety
  • Sanitary pads of your choice

Don't want any pads/tampons? Want only the goodies? Check out our Pamper Hamper!

Every month, get a brand new curated collection of healthy snacks, sweets, stress busters, and more!! Price is inclusive of taxes.

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