You Are Not Alone - A Note on Mental Health

You Are Not Alone - A Note on Mental Health

Remember - You Are Not Alone

It is said, “You came into this world alone and you will leave alone”. It is an undeniable fact. But when you live in this world you live along with other beings too. They are around you for a reason that you are not alone.

Mental stress is not uncommon these days. Many times it becomes very challenging and you do not see any way of coming out of it. Prolonged mental stress could turn into depression. So it is better that you consider sharing your problem or spending time with others rather than continuing to suffer on your own.

Share with your family or your friends
Share it with your family members even if you think that it could be stressful for them or make them upset. Some of them may not understand you, just accept it do not keep any hard feelings about them. But, it does not mean others will not understand.

If you are more apprehensive about sharing your problem with your family members, share it with your friends. Good friends usually don’t judge you. Some studies show if one shares negative emotions with someone who can be trusted, it reduces stress and strengthen the immune system. Even if they do not understand you must speak out. It is like getting the load off your chest.

Animals are great therapists too!
A pet at your home, or a pet fostered in your locality may also help in reducing stress. Cuddling or playing with them can break a chain of thoughts in your brain and distract you. This small distraction will help in relaxing your mind.

Spend time with chatty kids, or volunteer for them
Young playful and chatty kids work like wonder in distracting your mind. Spend some time with them, you will certainly find a reason or two to smile. Better yet, do volunteer work with organizations that work to benefit, educate or uplift kids from marginal communities.

It is known that exercise increases oxygen levels in the blood that can help in reducing mental stress. Even an early morning or evening walk can help in calming your mind. If you exercise or walk with a group it will channelize your mind in the right direction, instead of drifting back into stressful thoughts. Exercise helps generate happy hormones in the body.

Meditation helps in clearing negative and stressful thoughts from the mind. While meditating the focus is shifted to deep breathing and relaxing the mind. Fifteen to twenty minutes of guided meditation will help you feel refreshed and relaxed. Your instructor can help you in visualization while meditating which is an effective tool for busting mental stress.

Check out help or support groups
Many others are also facing similar problems or have already come out of it. Their experiences can help you in dealing with your issues. You can check on the internet for such groups or platforms.

Take professional help
Talk to a therapist, it will be easy as you will have no fear of judgment and impartiality. A good professional can help you in coping with your feelings. It is always recommended to not wait for too long to visit a therapist.


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By Payal Kulshreshtha

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