To Every Girl Out There

To Every Girl Out There

To every girl out there,
May you get the perfect warm tea each morning,
And may you always catch your train,
May you never have shoes that bite,
And may you never loose hair pins.
May you always have tissues when you need them,
And may you find the missing pair of your sock,
May you never get your eye makeup wrong,
And may you always have a good hair day.
May you find a lost 500 rupee note in the bag,
And may your tiffin always have potatoes,
May you never forget your handkerchief,
And when you do, may you always have a boy who lends it to you.
And may you have all these small happiness's on days where the big pains are too much to take.
On this day, from me to you, the best of wishes!
Why you ask, just I say.
To all the girls ~ Vee


Written by Vee

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