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by Gayatri H Yadav

Define a teenager! Someone who is very curious, high on energy, wants to discover and try out a lot of new things. Someone who is not really aware about consequences of their actions yet very eager to follow what the throng around them does!! And now imagine them not having proper education about physical and hormonal changes happening in their bodies.

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Using a menstrual cup is meant to be an easy way to make life more convenient when you’re on your period. But when your cup leaks, it can be incredibly frustrating.
For many women who are new to using the cup, leaking is a common problem. Switching to a menstrual cup takes some time to adjust to—finding the right size, the correct way to insert your cup, and the cup’s best position for you takes time and practice.
Don’t give up! You can successfully use your menstrual cup and get it to stop leaking for worry-free periods with the following tips, contributed by the lovely folks at elacup!

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by Ms. Nidhi Rathod

While taking about periods we know what a regular period means and what an irregular period means. Not all menstruators are the same. We all have different bodies, hormones and most importantly different schedules!

Having irregularities in your period isn’t always the result of a major issue. They may also be experienced due to a disturbance in schedule, eating habits, and more. In this article, I’m going to clear your thoughts a little more about period irregularities we may face!

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While looking at yourself in the mirror, have you ever caught yourself wishing you looked prettier? Doesn’t every woman feel self-conscious in front of the mirror? This self-consciousness with regards to appearances is largely due to the established imperfect ideas of beauty - which has paved the way for body shaming. Over the last decade, body shaming has been aggravated due to social media. Someone posts a photo of themself in a bikini, showing off their curves, and there will be people who body shame in the comments. “You look fat in that dress”, “That dress is too revealing for...

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Growing up a lot of us have felt that immense curiosity: What’s in amma’s bag? As a kid, being forbidden to touch my mother’s bag, only made me more curious. And now, here we are; grown adults with our very own handbags! But apart from candy wrappers and loose change, what are those essential  things that your mother might have put in her bag?   Here a few, all-important items that you could benefit from having in your handbag: Handkerchief Be it wiping off smeared lipstick, spilled ketchup, a rogue sneeze— the uses of a handkerchief are endless. Make sure you always have one with you wherever you go. A pack of tissue...

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