Say No to the "Oh No" moments!

Say No to the "Oh No" moments!

Often when the period arrives, it is no less than an emergency. It becomes necessary to take immediate action before it turns embarrassing. The small-time gap between the start of the period and wearing a pad or any other menstrual product is critical. The fear of getting the dress stained haunts us continuously.

Most of the menstruators are unprepared for this window. Some do not even find a sanitary pad or a tampon in their bag. If lucky, one may get a sanitary pad for an emergency in the locker of the washroom or with the medical facility of their organization or institute, or school. Otherwise, the only resort left is to rush to the friends or colleagues and borrow a sanitary pad. The more time it takes, the greater becomes the chance of getting a stain. The situation becomes mortifying when one is out in the market or traveling unprepared.

Here are some solutions that can save you in case of the unexpected or sudden arrival of periods.
1. Track your periods
Knowing when your next period will arrive, you can prepare in advance and save yourself from awkwardness.
By keeping a record of the start date and end date of periods, you may know regularities or irregularities in your periods. If the subsequent cycle comes out to be the same, you will even predict your next period’s start date. Many apps are available online for period tracking.
Another easy option for you can be pre-ordering The Pink Box. The early arrival of your period supplies each month based on your subscription will always equip you better.

2. Panty Liner
Put on a panty liner beforehand on the day when there is the likeliness of arrival of your period. Panty liners are so thin that you do not even realize when you wear them. It can provide you a few minutes to a couple of hours of relief before you wear a pad. In case of irregular periods, panty liner can be your regular companion.

3. Wear a dress with one or more pockets
Inside the pocket of your dress or pant, you can keep a pad or a tampon, or menstrual cup. It is easier this way rather than carrying your hefty purse every time you go to the washroom. Your mobile pouch can also help you carrying needed items in-case you do not have a pocket in your dress.

4. Small zip bag or pouch inside your purse or backpack
Carrying your menstrual supplies in a separate pouch is always better. A pad or the pack of sanitary pads which are easily accessible can save you a lot of time when you feel your period starting!

5. Extra pair of clothes
If your clothing has been stained and you would like to cover it up, keep an extra pair of clothing in your locker or bag that you can change into. You can also keep a carry bag for bringing back soiled clothes. For cover-up jackets, long shrugs and stoles are good options!

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By Payal Kulshreshtha

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