Say 'No' to Body Shaming

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Say 'No' to Body Shaming

While looking at yourself in the mirror, have you ever caught yourself wishing you looked prettier? Doesn’t every woman feel self-conscious in front of the mirror? This self-consciousness with regards to appearances is largely due to the established imperfect ideas of beauty - which has paved the way for body shaming.

Over the last decade, body shaming has been aggravated due to social media. Someone posts a photo of themself in a bikini, showing off their curves, and there will be people who body shame in the comments. “You look fat in that dress”, “That dress is too revealing for your shape”, “Don’t eat this, it’ll fatten you.” - unsolicited advice is always thrown towards people whose bodies don’t fit society’s idea of beauty. It has become easy for people to hide behind a screen name and criticize others, without realizing that words pinch you, hard.

Body shaming may seem harmless but it actually affects people deeply, contributing to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and depression. A person may feel isolated, helpless, and may lose their self-confidence at the hands of body-shamers. The idea that any single body type is a perfect one is absolutely flawed, and women today are emerging and raising their voices to prove this notion wrong. Ashley Graham, Demi Lovato, Jameela Jamil and many more famous personalities have come forward and voiced their opinions about body shaming.

While external criticism is hurtful, very often we can be our own worse critics. We tend to compare ourselves to the oh-so-perfect celebrities and Instagram models and their beauty regimens and workout sessions. We feel the need to live up to the unrealistic standards set for us by society. But we need to stop right there! And think of ourselves with love and respect! Eat what you want, how much you want. Wear what you love. Don’t worry about what others think, because others will always have an opinion, but your opinion of yourself is what matters most.

Appreciating your body is a step to positivity and good physical and mental health in your life. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important to look at yourself everyday in the mirror and appreciate and admire the person looking back at you.  Love yourself because you deserve it no matter what.

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