Period Underwear FAQs

Period Underwear FAQs

We're here with Period Underwear! And the lovely people at SOQO Wear helped us compile a series of FAQs to help clear any doubts on Period Underwear you may have.

How to make the switch from Pads to Period Underwear?
- Gradually. Try wearing the period underwear on light flow days for the first few times. You will get used to the transition after two or three cycles

Who can wear the Caviar Leakproof Underwear?
- All menstruators, women with bladder leakage issues, and pregnant women.

How much blood can it absorb?
- Up to 3-4 tampons or 5 sanitary pads full of blood.

How long can I wear the period underwear?
- Depends on your flow. On heavy flow days, you can wear it for 8-9 hours. On light flow days, you can wear it for 12-20 hours.

Can I sleep in my period underwear?
- Absolutely.  The underwear is designed to give you a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

How long does a period underwear last?
- The period underwear can last up to two years when taken good care of. Just wash it 3-4 times per cycle.

How do we wash period underwear?
- Soak it for 30 minutes in cold water. Gently scrub the padded area. Machine wash on delicate cycle. Air-dry it.

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