Period Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Period Symptoms to Watch Out For

Aaah periods... Everyone has a different one, every period for the same person can be different, so many variations! We all experience the common stuff - bleeding, cramps, headaches, PMS, leg pains, lower back pains, and more.

But what about the less common stuff that not all of us experience? Here are 6 such symptoms during your period that you must watch out for! If you spot one or more of these, schedule an appointment with your gynecologist.

1. Extremely Heavy Bleeding - Count the number of pads/tampons you use, or check how filled up your menstrual cup is. If it's more than 6 pads/tampons per day, or your cup gets filled up 3-4 times in a day, it could be a sign of extremely heavy bleeding.

2. Large Blood Clots - Blood clots are pretty common during periods. You know, those little sauce or jelly like blogs? Yes, those are clots. They're one of the many mechanisms our bodies employ to protect us. But if your blood clots are larger than a 50-paise coin, it's time to notify your gynecologist.

3. Spotting - When you're not on your period, you may experience slight spotting. Maybe 2-3 spots, or a thin strain of blood, short, and as thin as your hair. This is absolutely normal, and to be expected. When spotting happens very frequently between two cycles, or it feels like a mini-period, it could be a sign of something else happening in your uterus.

4. Intense Cramping - Period cramps can be quite painful. But how do we identify the 'extremely severe' kind?

  • the pain doesn't go away, or reduce, when you take pain medication or use a pain relief cream / patch / roll on
  • the pain is accompanied by heavy bleeding or clotting
  • the intensity affects your daily activities

5. Severe Lower Back Pain - Watch out for the three signs of intense cramping mentioned above. Try to identify where this pain might be coming from - is it your lower abdomen (below your navel)? Is it the lowest point of your back (right above your butt)? Is it on the sides? Identifying where the pain is coming from can help your doctor narrow down the cause of the pain.

6. Painful Bowel Movements - It's very natural to have increased visits to the loo, or slightly uncomfortable poops, during your period. But when your visits are accompanied by pain and cramps, it could indicate something out of the ordinary.

It's quite common for us menstruators to normalize the discomfort that comes with periods, since it happens every single month. But it's extremely important to know what is normal, and what is not. Keep your eyes open, and don't hesitate to contact a gynecologist when you feel the need to!

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