Period Myths We Need to Set Straight

Period Myths We Need to Set Straight

With the taboo and stigma that follow menstruation, there's no dearth of myths and superstitions out there. Bust these 5 Menstruation Myths with us today!

Myth 1: We’re consistently on ‘that time of the month.’
First, it’s essential to comprehend that a person's menstrual cycle is not the same as their period. The exact time when one bleeds is known as menstruation, but the menstrual process is the total time from one period to another. Some people's processes are lengthy, from 29 to 35 days, while others can be shorter.
Concerns like a journey, weight change, feelings, and medicine can all impact when a period happens, too. Every period is exceptionally unique for every one.

Myth 2: The discomfort of a period is ‘just like anything you’ve undergone
The pain we acquire during a period is natural. Some of us have to take leave from work and take rest. This condition has a medical term: dysmenorrhea. About 20 percent of menstruators have dysmenorrhea, that’s unbearable enough to interfere with their daily activities! This situation affects our ability to focus, makes us tenser, and can make us unpleasant.

Myth 3: It’s OK to dismiss our emotions when we’re on our period
There’s a genuine physical shift in one's body during this juncture. In the days directing up to a period, the PMS time, the estrogen levels dive, while the progesterone levels dashingly increase.
• Estrogen has a link to serotonin, the “happy hormone,” and progesterone is related to the region of the brain associated with anxiety and depression.
• The impacts of hormones on temperament are complicated, and while progesterone may depress some emotions, it has a mood-balancing outcome.

Myth 4: Hormones define women
While talking of hormones, women have typically been stereotyped to be “hormonal” for a long time. This is absolutely not true, and we need to play our part in breaking stereotypes!

Myth 5: Period panties are like diapers.
No, they're not. But do period panties work? All indications point to yes! Many menstruators have tried them, and the verdict I’ve heard is that they are amazing. And hey, I’m all about a tomorrow that makes getting our periods a little more comfortable, whether in absorbent panties, menstrual cups, or reusable pads. More power to the period!

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Written by - Sudha Pai


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