Menstrual Myths: The Truth

Menstrual Myths: The Truth

We’ve heard it all.

Don’t wash your hair when you’re on your period, it’ll lower your fertility!”

“Don’t talk to boys on your periods, it is dangerous!”

These myths seem absolutely ridiculous, and yet, they spread from mouth to ear like wildfire!

Why are people so quick to believe these groundless myths? The answer lies in the stigma attached to menstruation. Very often, our questions about periods are shushed by adults. Hence, we don’t know what to believe, and fall prey to these myths easily.

Fear not! We’re here to dispel these myths and to separate fact from fiction. Here are a few common beliefs that needed fact-checking.

  • Mudblood – Menstrual blood is ‘dirty’ and emits odour due to its slightly darker tone

There are two things every girl on her period fears: stains and bad odour. We all assume that menstrual blood emits odour due to its slightly darker tone, but the truth is that menstrual blood is just what it is - blood.
It doesn’t smell any different from the blood in your fingers. Menstrual blood is possibly the purest blood in a woman’s body, as it is the remnants of tissue which is supposed to nourish and nurture a baby!
Contrary to what sanitary napkin advertisements show, a healthy vagina does not smell like a bed of flowers. A natural musky odour is healthy.


  • The McClintok Effect – If girls spend time together, their periods will eventually sync

Now this is a popular one. A lot of research, studying and observation has gone into proving (or disproving) this myth.
The truth is: as of this moment, roughly a quarter of the world’s female population is on their period; and if we go by the laws of probability, the odds of you and your close friends having your periods on the same day aren’t exactly far off. Researchers studied a girls’ hostel, noting down the girls’ time of the month, examining them and observed that there was no direct correlation between physical proximity and a woman’s menstrual cycle.
However the same study observed that women who shared an emotional bond had a larger number of “synchronized cycles”, which leads some researchers to wonder how large is the role played by emotional and mental health during periods?


  • Dangerous love – Do not be sexually active during your period

To some, the very idea of being sexually active when you’re on your period seems icky and gross. The blood, the pain— who’d want to touch the hot mess down there?
The truth is: being sexually active on your period could actually be good for you! Sex and masturbation is just as much of a taboo topic as periods are, which is why many girls do not know that orgasms actually alleviate cramps! The release of endorphins and elevated blood flow help greatly with the pain and the mood-swings.


  • Safe zone – You can’t get pregnant during your period

Another myth associated with periods and sex, is that a girl can’t get pregnant during her period.
Although the chances of getting pregnant are low, the truth is that it is very much a possibility! It is best not to take the risk.
Our suggestion? ALWAYS use protection when with a partner, or go the safest way… go solo!


These are only four of the many myths around periods. These beliefs and myths keep women in the dark about menstruation, which is a very natural thing. The best way to dispel these beliefs is to shine light on these issues and talk about it!


Written by Raghavi Kasa

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