Menstrual Cup FAQs

Menstrual Cup FAQs

Whether you're new to Menstrual Cups or you've been using it for a while, you're bound to have questions!

Scroll below, we've answered the most frequently asked questions. Got questions? Drop them to, or DM us on Instagram!

1. Does it really cause a rash-free or itch-free period?

Yes it does! Menstrual cups are worn inside the body. This guarantees that there will be no itching around the outer genitals. The cups you will find on The Pink Box are all made with 100% medical grade silicon. This ensures that you will feel no itching inside your vagina!

2. How often should a menstrual cup be sterilized?

You need to sterilize your cup 2 times during 1 menstrual cycle - Once before you wear it on the 1st day of your period, and once after your period is over.

3. How to sterilize a menstrual cup?

It's super simple! Boil it in hot water for 4-5 minutes.

4. Can I try out a menstrual cup before my period starts?

Nope, not at all! When you're not on your period, the vagina is not lubricated enough for you to wear a menstrual cup with ease. Try out your Menstrual Cup only when you are on your period.

5. How do I get rid of stains or discoloration of the Menstrual Cup?

If you sterilize your cup after every period, staining should not ideally occur. However, in case it does, you can let the cup soak in a mix of 1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 cup water.

6. I can't wear a Menstrual Cup on the very first go. What to do?

Not to worry! Switching to a Menstrual Cup is a lifestyle change and can take time. It's completely normal to take multiple menstrual cycles to finally make the switch!

7. Can I wear a Menstrual Cup on less bleeding days?

This depends completely on your comfort level. If you are not comfortable using a Cup on low-flow days, and you want to stick to eco-friendly period choices, you can choose a biodegradable panty-liner for these days. If you'd like to switch to a Zero Waste period, you can use a cloth panty liner instead! Most cloth pads and liners are reusable upto 3 years. Some upto even 5 years!


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