Menstrual Cup Dos and Don'ts for First Time Users

Menstrual Cup Dos and Don'ts for First Time Users

You've decided to make the switch. You are going green. You are going the Sustainable Way. What next?

You feel scared, you feel "How on Earth do I get that inside me?". You feel "Will it stay in place? Will it leak?"

Well here are a couple of Menstrual Cup Dos and Don'ts for First Time Users! Those of us who are seasoned users of the Menstrual Cup, feel free to drop your tips and tricks in the comments!

1. Be relaxed - If you get worried, your vaginal muscles will tighten up and you won't be able to insert the cup comfortably.

Like Katrina said over a decade ago, "Just chill chill, just chill"! You need to relax, and let your vaginal muscles relax. Breathe. Then try inserting the cup.

2. Find the positions that work for you - standing, sitting, squatting, etc

There are many different positions - sitting and standing - that you can try to wear your cup. You can sit in your loo, keep your legs apart, and try to wear the cup. You can also stand, squat, and try to wear it.

What works for me - to insert the cup - is standing over the WC and squatting. To remove the cup, I prefer sitting on the WC as usual.

Pro tip : For those who prefer standing, try angling your butt a little upwards.

3. Know which fold works best for you - 7 Fold, C Fold, Punchdown Fold, or some other fold!

There are a host of different Menstrual Cup folds you can try. Check out the images below. The 7-fold works best for me.

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4. Pop it open

Make sure you that once you've placed the cup inside your vagina, it pops open. You will feel it happen, in most cases. To check, you can run your finger around the cup once it is inside your vagina, and make sure your finger goes all around it.

You know how we run our finger around the inside a Nutella Jar while finishing it fully clean? It's the same motion - just on the outside of your cup.

5. Panty-liners for leaks!

Worried about the cup not fitting properly, or not popping open? Wear a panty liner - just in case! The liner will make sure that leaks, if any, don't leave stains.

6. Cut your nails

Trust us, this is one pro-tip every cup user needs! While removing a menstrual cup, you will have to pinch it's base with your fingers to release the vacuum seal and slowly pull it out. Cut your nails to make sure you don't accidentally scratch yourself!


Wearing a cup for the first time can be a little tough. But once you've got the hang of it, it's good to go! DM us on Instagram for any doubts at all!

More importantly, using a cup is a lifestyle choice. It's one that you will stick with for at least the next 8-10 years. So if it takes you 3/4 period cycles to get used to it, that's completely okay!
Check out more commonly asked questions, answered by the wonderful Dr. Snigdha Burman, here!

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Did these little cup tips work for you? Tell us in the comments!

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