Gifting Drive V & VI - World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019

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Gifting Drive V & VI - World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019

In the last week of May, we started a campaign called 'Gift a Pack of Pads!'

Our aim with this campaign is to enable those less privileged than us with access to hygienic means of managing their period. Our goal is also to raise awareness about menstrual health through a series of talks for young girls in the menstruating age.

This month, we engaged ourselves with 3 gifting drives, with the beneficiary count touching triple digits!

We invited Dr. Sangita Soman to speak to young girls about the biology behind their period. She also spoke to them about coping with the pain and mood swings that often accompany periods. Dr. Sangita encouraged the girls to slowly come out of their shell and discuss period problems with us at The Pink Box. After hesitating a bit initially, the girls started opening up and asking questions.

A lot of the doubts these kids had were related to taboos, superstitions and myths about periods. We helped them understand that myths are false and should not influence one's lifestyle.

After this, we distributed sanitary pads, protein power biscuits, sanitary pad disposal bags and a few goodies with the kids. They were delighted to receive sanitary pads, and promised to help girls younger than them understand what periods are and why it should not be a barrier to their daily routines.

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