Do you know your Vagina?

Do you know your Vagina?

Talking about vaginas has long been a hushed topic! We’ve all, at some point wondered if there’s something wrong with our vagina, is it really how it is supposed to be? And we tend to try out crazy things which backfire sometimes!!

So, let’s get to know our vagina and bust a few myths around it.

1. You must remove pubic hair to keep your vagina clean
Our pubes reduce the amount of sweat produced around the vagina and help keep bacteria and STIs away. Only benefit of removing pubic hair is lowering the risk of contracting pubic lice. Removal of pubic hair has nothing to do with keeping the vagina clean.

2. Steaming helps clean the vagina deeply
Noooooo! Steaming not only disturbs the pH balance of vagina but also kills good bacteria and exposes the vulva to rashes and irritation. Steam your face people, not your vagina!!

3. Vagina should smell like flowers and cookies / it naturally smells bad all the time
Vaginas do have a slight odour which can vary depending on menstrual cycle, sweat or if you just had sex. Using vaginal perfumes or fragrances to mask the odour can cause irritations and infections. But, if you suddenly notice a drastic change in the way its smells, it’s an indication to visit your gynecologist.

4. Eating pineapple helps vagina smell better
Your complete diet, daily hygiene, clothing can all contribute to the smell of vagina. Eating pineapple alone makes no difference!

5. Your vulva should look a particular way
Vulva includes clitoris, labia and the vaginal opening. Just like our bodies, every vulva looks and feels different in size, shape and colour. There is no “normal” or particular way it should look.

6. Vaginal discharge? Should I worry?
Discharge is the body’s way of cleaning and protecting the vagina. It may increase in the state of sexual arousal and ovulation. Vaginal discharge is a natural lubrication. A white milky discharge is totally normal. If it changes to cottage cheese-like, yellow, greyish-green, watery or more than you usually produce, visit your doctor.

7. Hymen breaks only after sexual intercourse
Hymen is an elastic tissue at the opening of the vagina. It can stretch due to various physical activities like stretching, horse riding, cycling, swimming etc. It doesn’t break. If not stretched earlier, it can cause some bleeding during sexual intercourse but not everyone bleeds. Also, not every vagina owner is born with a hymen.

8. Some women just experience pain during sex
Painful sex indicates lack of lubrication or an underlying condition like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or endometriosis. Sex shouldn’t be painful.

9. STD or STI always show symptoms
HPV, Chlamydia and Herpes can only be detected by STD testing. Routine STD testing is imperative.

Which of these myths did we help you bust today? Tell us in the comments!


Written by Gayatri Yadav

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