A Shortcut to a Better Self

A Shortcut to a Better Self

As per studies, you must devote at least 50 minutes per week to physical exercise. There are various forms of physical workout such as gym, aerobics, yoga & meditation, etc. Regular practice improves your overall physical as well as mental health. Then why not start with it?

If your answer is the shortage of time, you are not alone. It may be because of your other current priorities or lack of time in your hectic routine. However, your physical and mental health problems will not wait for you.


Here are two easy and simple practices with which you can have better control of your life. You should continue with these two practices even when you take up some form of physical exercise!

1. Breathe right

We assume there is nothing wrong or right about breathing as it comes naturally to us. But it is not so. There is a proper technique that includes two checkpoints.
a. Use your nose instead of your mouth. Unless you've done strenuous physical activity or are suffering from any medical condition, you must always breathe through your nose.
b. Diaphragmatic breathing technique
In belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, your upper belly rises as you inhale, not your chest. To check, keep one palm over your chest and the other over your upper abdomen as you breathe. Oxygen intake is more if you breathe correctly. Having better oxygen levels has multi-fold benefits on your health.


2. Shavasana/ Yog Nidra
In your busy life, even if you somehow manage to sleep for 6-7 hours, you may not feel fully rested and find low energy levels after waking up. With lower energy levels, accomplishing the daily routine chores becomes very difficult. Frustration and irritation are inevitable fruits of lack of rest and low energy levels.

‘Shavasana’ is a yoga pose that you can do at ease. It relaxes your mind and reduces your stress. All you need is a time of 3 -5 minutes once or twice daily.

What you have to do, is lie down on your back with your legs hip-distance apart. Keep your arms at a comfortable distance from your belly. Face slightly tilted to left. Bring your focus on your deep breath and gradually start visualizing every part of your body and let it relax.

‘Yog Nidra’ is a fully guided meditation done in the posture of ‘Shavasana’. There are many YouTube videos that you can take help for the guided meditation. ‘Yog Nidra’ can improve your sleep quality and help you release tension and pain as well. If you do the asana in the daytime, then set a timer or an alarm. With practice, you will gradually learn to become alert on your own in time. You might need a couple more minutes when you will do it the first time.

While you include these practices in your life, do not forget about a healthy diet as well.


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By Payal Kulshreshtha

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