4 Ways To Uplift Your Bloody Mornings

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4 Ways To Uplift Your Bloody Mornings

by Asiya Rozindar

Mornings represent the arrival of a new day, and every morning is a sign of being alive. Many times, especially during your period, moods may fluctuate due to emotional or mental stress, hormonal imbalance, lack sleep or even food habits. Sleep deprivation, over working, and tiredness can also cause you to have not-so-great mornings.
To have a positive and holistic approach in boosting our ‘bloody’ mornings, our nights should be relaxing, we should get a good amount of sleep, and we must be mindful of our food intake! Although checking all these three boxes above may not always be possible, you can certainly make sure your mornings are bright.
Here are my 4 top tricks to uplift those ‘bloody’ mornings, and get you pumped up for the day –

1. Watching a Sunrise: Every sunrise is beautiful, and represents hope for a new day dawned. Watching a sunrise can definitely help boost mornings in a positive way. The illumination of a radiating sun indicates the beauty of nature. It conveys to us the message that the colors added in the sky are indirectly added to our lives, and creates positive vibrations for the whole day. 

2. Positive Manifestation: Being positive is very important, and it is a cause as well as effect of us seeing the good in various aspects of life. We can begin our mornings by being grateful for the addition of a new day in our lives. Positive manifestation helps us heal not only outwardly, but holistically too.

3. Physical Fitness: Working in exercise in your morning routine can elevate your mornings. Be it Zumba, Tabata, Yoga, a simple brisk morning walk or jog, cultivating an exercise routine of your choice, in your morning schedule, is sure to help you boost your day. The addition of exercise to your morning routine can also help keep you healthier and happier!

4. Healthy Breakfast: The foods we consume is related directly to the well-being of our bodies, as it ensures our nutrition levels. Practicing clean eating not only boosts our mornings, but also gives us the right energy we need for the day. Kick start your day with a good breakfast with the right mix of proteins, healthy juices and more! Customizing healthy breakfasts for yourself will also contribute to your self-care routine.

There are various ways to boost those ‘bloody’ mornings, but these tricks have been most effective for me.

What are your tricks to have happy mornings? Simply type them out in the ‘Leave a comment’ section below and click on ‘Post Comment’.

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