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by Gayatri Yadav

Talking about vaginas has long been a hushed topic! We’ve all, at some point wondered if there’s something wrong with our vagina, is it really how it is supposed to be? And we tend to try out crazy things which backfire sometimes!!

So, let’s get to know our vagina and bust a few myths around it.

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by Gayatri H Yadav

Define a teenager! Someone who is very curious, high on energy, wants to discover and try out a lot of new things. Someone who is not really aware about consequences of their actions yet very eager to follow what the throng around them does!! And now imagine them not having proper education about physical and hormonal changes happening in their bodies.

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by Sudha Pai

With the taboo and stigma that follow menstruation, there's nod earth of myths and superstitions out there. Bust these 5 Menstruation Myths with us today!

Myth 1: We’re consistently on ‘that time of the month.’
Myth 2: The discomfort of a period is ‘just like anything you’ve undergone
Myth 3: It’s OK to dismiss our emotions when we’re on our period
Myth 4: Hormones define women
Myth 5: Period panties are like diapers.

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We're here with Period Underwear! And the lovely people at SOQO Wear helped us compile a series of FAQs to help clear any doubts on Period Underwear you may have. Read on to find out how to make the switch from pads, how ro wash period underwear, how long it lasts, and more!

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Intimate hygiene, briefly, is taking care of your reproductive parts, especially your external genitalia. Unfortunately, more often than not, we tend to overlook intimate care. Read on about four common intimate hygiene issues - spotting & stains, infections, odour, vaginal discharge.

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